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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Mission: training leaders who are in-demand for the Russian economy — lawyers and political scientists capable of continuous self-development, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them practically in their professional activity.

Faculty of Law is the youngest faculty of PRUE, established in 2006, where the integrated approach to the study of economic law is implemented. It helps to solve a typical problem of the lack of knowledge in the field of economics for the lawyers and lack of legal knowledge for the economists. Importance of the law and political science specialists in the present- day society requires particular attention to training professionals in this field. The students of the Faculty learn to apply the law on the basis of constitutional provisions, to analyze the judicial and other law enforcement practices, to be professionally ready to defend human and civil rights.

Faculty of Law is internationally recognized. In 2010 it became a member of the International Law Association. In the fall of 2013, the faculty was thanked by the "Consultant Plus" for organizing scientific events. Cooperating with various government authorities of the Russian Federation and providing a classical legal education taking into account the present-day reality the high quality faculty got well known and recognized in different fields of the science and practice of law.

For today there are about 483 full-time and part time students undergoing training on bachelor programs of the Faculty.

Educational programs of the Faculty of Law

  • Jurisprudence (343 students)
  • Political science (140 students)

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